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Today in Melbourne


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Just some random photos I took today. The city had quite a bit of haze. I think it is because of the smoke and ash. There has not been much wind in the city the last few days.







Federation Square


Trees make it look like autumn after the heatwave


Kids having fun on skateboards


Flowers the theme


A bit of nature


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Nice pics Polly, that macro shot of the butterfly is awsome! and well done hubbie for not getting in the shots!!

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Forgot the link to the slideshow: http://s270.photobucket.com/albums/jj117/p...mview=slideshow

PLEASE NOTE: I took a picture of some artwork up in the city that is ...well.... kinda freaky, just please be aware when you run the slideshow.

*and don't yell at me for posting this. :thumbdown:

Edited by polly
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I AM SHOCKED!!!! Nah just kidding!!!!

I have seen a lot worse in my time, usually when I look in the mirror... :wub::blink:

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Absolutely artistically disgusting.... (it means, great shots...)

Always consistent...

And always look forward to ALL your posts...

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