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;) Hi everyone

My son is in a private remedial school in Jhb at the moment and if and when we get to Perth I would like him to go to the same kind of school. Does anyone know about any?

And where is a good suburb to live in? Currently living in Jhb fourways .......... and are quite used to travelling........... will be starting our own company when we get there ................ sort of in the Greenwood area.

Thanks for taking the time in reading this post

simone :)

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There not a huge difference between good government schools here and private schools (unlike in SA) - except of course there is a big difference in the amount of fees you pay.

I did a lot of asking around since we arrived in Perth to find out which government schools were the best. The unanimous responce was Perth Modern (situated in Subiaco - about 1km from the CBD), Wembley (situated in Wembley) and Churchlands (situated in Churchlands). Wembley and Churchlands suburbs are next to each other and are about 5-6km from the CBD.

To get into the government schools, you have to live in the catchment area. Check with the school you choose what exactly the catchment is - for example, not all of the suburb of Wembley is in the catchment of Wembley school. You can still apply to get accepted into a school if you are outside the catchment, but you end up on the third list. The first list is for kids who already have a sibling in the area. The second list is for kids who live in the catchment. The third list is for the rest. We enquired at Wembley (we live a block away) when we would need to enrol our daughter for Kindergarten - she turns 4 at the end of this year, so she only starts Kindy next year. Each year, the enrolment time is at a slightly different time - it is one week only around the middle of the year. If you miss it - tough luck, you don't get considered. Anyway, our enrolment will be this year around June. I asked what the chances of getting in would be if you are outside the catchment - the answer is that in the good government schools, chances are very slim. Last year, for example, out of the Wembley applications, not a single child got in from outside the catchment.

During enrolment time, you can apply to many schools (this is a good idea if you are outside the area).

Perth Modern - is a slightly different story to all the other government schools - it requires an entrance exam. They are very academically orientated.

Private schools - I haven't really asked too much about - we were more than happy with the Wembley on our little inspection trip. I have heard though that one of the best private schools is situated in Churchlands (next to Wembley) - it is called Hale. So Churchlands has two good schools that I know of - one private and one government.

Oh - government schools cost only $60 per year. ;)

A colleague at work sends her daughter to a private school - it costs $10 000 per year :thumbdown: (she says it is the norm... but sheesh - I dunno).

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Dear Happy2Immigrate

Whilst the schools that Gizmo has mentiuoned are all good schools, they suit Gizmos needs in terms of being closer to the city. Please do not discount the other school in the northern suburbs or for that matter in the Southern Suburbs

Excellent Primary schools in areas such as Sorrento/Duncraig/Woodvale .....which is very close to the Greenwood area.

There are excellent high schools both public /private and semi private in the Northern Suburbs and in the Southern Suburbs.

One of the best Government high schools in Perth is Carine Senior High which is located in Carine. Rossmoyne senior High in Rossmoyne , all does really well every year with the TEE results

Woodvale senior high is also an exellent high school

Private school in the Northen Suburbs , you can try both St Marks and St Stephens or Joondalup Baptist College inb Joondalup- these have both primary and high school campuses.

Private schools like Hale cost from $10 000.00 upwards, the semi private schools range from $800 in the Catholic Primary Schools upto $4000.00 for the

semi private schools.

In terms of your needs , you have not really specified what remedial needs your child has, and unlike SA , most kids are in mainstream schools.

I think ideally , you need to find a school that has a "special ed" centre. Also are you look for Primary school or High School.

For those that are interested in single gender school, there is a new campus openning in 2010 in Joondalup with 2 single gender campuses....these are Catholic Schools.

Perhaps if you can advise more details , we can suggest some school optiosn for you.



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My 2c worth! I think it is vital that one first checks out the schools before you find a rental property so your child can easily get into the right school. I had to change my girls schools at the beginning because they did not fit in- in fact 2 teachers phoned me to tell me that and to recommend other schools that would suit them. As I live in the Northern suburbs my son went to Hillarys primary which he loved and made many lovely friends. High school is a bit different- One daughter ended up at Lake Joondalup- independant school with many SA teachers and the other at a state school - Duncraig which she loved and did exeptionally well. That High school also runs a program for children with physical and remedial needs - they join in mainstream things but also go to seperate classes.

I agree with Gizma with regards to schools in the Wembley areas- any top suburb will get you top gov schools. My son goes to Hale now -it costs $16 000 PA plus. Morgage the house for that but worth every single cent. It all depends on the child and where they will be the happiest. Very hard to get into private schools- acaedemic and behavioural tests are done beforehand.

Sometimes one will have to move ones child a few times before getting it right but so what -if your child is happy then they will work well regardless of what school they go to.

Good luck and hope some of our comments help!


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To all the SAFFers ..........

Thank you so far for your info.................. My son has a high IQ but is a bit dyslixic, he was in main stream school but was just not coping with the reading, the maths he excelled in.

I know how a unhappy child can totally disrupt everyday life, and for the sake of my son, I dont want him to have to move house, country, school and lose his friends and family and then be unhappy..........

He currenly goes to a private school which is quite stiffly priced @ R55 000.00 per year and he is in grade 6 (std 4).

We will proberly only be in OZ in 2009, although we are on a 176 visa ( family sponsored), I would like to make the most of my looking around time so that when decision time comes .............. we not left blowing bubbles.

Keep the advice rolling in PLEASE ;):ilikeit::ilikeit::ilikeit::ilikeit:



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You could also get more info via the web on all schools and even email them to ask their advice. They are nomally so helpful and thats how i got my son into the school before arriving- it is very difficult to get into independant schools or private at the last minute .Your son will fit into any of the schools but if he is used to private it will be easier for him to adjust .

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