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SA goods in ACT

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Deon-Louise and kids

Yay thank you for the curry update!! I can't wait to try them out!

Now can i just get my visa?????????????


There is a place in Belconnen called "Bharats" they have absolutely everything to make a good curry/breyani. Just the Samoosa here are different to the ones I used to buy in KZN

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Thanks Guys!

Hope you are loving life in Canberra, we will think of you at the next coffee club!



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2014 Update:

Thanks to this forum being top of the google search result when you Google "braaipap Canberra" I found the IGA in Holts. The first time I went there a few weeks ago they had no pap. In fact almost no SA stuff. The friendly staff member/owner advised that they only recently bought the shop and the previous owners did not replenish stock. But, she said, they definitely will stock goods and asked us to give a list of things we would like them to get.

A week or so latter we got a call from her husband saying they got almost everything we wanted. And they did! The only thing they couldn’t get was Chili Bites. Can’t blame them, haven’t seen anyone importing that anyway.

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Jengel the IGA in Ngunnawal also stocks a big range of SAn Goodies. If you 'like' them on Facebook you will get an update when they get their new stock in. They even carry SA booze :)

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