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Hi everyone

We've been in Brisbane 2 weeks nou. wow i'm still a bit lost.... :ilikeit:

Do you know if there is any South African Shops in the Brisbane area? I've asked around but no one knows. Or any shops you could recommend selling good boerewors etc? :lol:

thanks for everyone's advice it really helps. make you feel a bit less homesick


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Hi ElmarieB,

You guys can go to the SA shop in Wynnum Road for nice boerewors etc. The other place to go is in the Pick n Pay in Aspley, there is a shop at the entrance of the Pick n Pay that sell SA stuff and I think the Pick n Pay also sells boerewors.

C ya

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Hi there,

We get borewors from our local IGA in Greenbank. Where about in Brisbane are you. There is also a shop called Global in Logan Road not far from Logan Central who sell a lot of Sa products. Fritos, Creamy Meal,Jungle Oats, Mealie meal etc.

There is also a butcher in Carindale shopping centre that sells SA products.

Hope this helps.



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Hi there

thanks a mil for your info. :rolleyes: We're based in woolloongabba almost been here 2 weeks, will go out and explore a bit.

have a good day


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Hi Koos

Ja ons het 'n Pick a Pay hier in Brisbane, lyk net soos in SA, maar ongelukkig is dit Coles, was glo P & P maar Coles het dit oorgevat.

Die uitleg binne is nog steeds P & P en hier loop mens altyd Suid Afrikaners raak !!!!!!! En hulle verkoop Boerewors.

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Hi Elmarie

I buy from Springbokfoods on the Gold Coast. They deliver for around $5.50 their website is www.springbokfoods.com

Huge variety of biltong and the boerewors is always fresh - my kids are addicted to the biltong and koeksisters!

Enjoy settling into this wonderfull city


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