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New on the forum, but old at change and extending my support!


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Hi Everyone!

I have been in Aus. for about 2 years now, after about 9 years in Canada, and decided to join the forum as a way of extending my support to fellow country men & women who are going through similar transitions than what I have been going through!

With death and divorce, moving is at the top of the list of most stressful life events. We don't always realize it - or give ourselves the permission - to process the change and disruption we are experiencing. Sometimes we can manage the thoughts, emotions, and relational difficulties associated with such a big change, sometimes we bury discomforting emotions associated with change, which may then show up at a later stage, and other times it is too big to ignore and it interferes with our day-to-day functioning. We all experience change differently, and no matter how positive we are, no one can deny that it requires some effort!

I am a Registered Psychologist, who have a passion for all who are undertaking this journey, but may be experiencing a sense of difficulty. Though embarking on such a journey provides us with wonderful opportunities to grow and change, it is normal & expected to be challenging at times, but sometimes it is just hard and seeing the glass half full is just impossible. I know, I was there! I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful support network and professional services to guide me through my transition, so I am making myself available to do the same for anyone who may feel a slight need to connect & tap into emotional support for their journey.

I believe seeing someone in a professional sense adds to the impact and effectiveness of any service/commitment, so I encourage you to invest in that. Go & talk with someone, or schedule a paid session with me. I am based in North Sydney, but we can 'meet' over the phone/Skype... and even klets in Afrikaans!

For more information or my contact details, please read on the forum site under:

Advertising > Commercial > Medical > Psychological Services for Life Transitions

Make sure to nourish yourself during this time, reach out, connect... in whichever way works the best for you - and as many others, you will not be disappointed!

Wishing you the boldness to embrace all that this journey has to offer!


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Hi Cecile

Welcome to a wonderful forum, definately a wonderful support system for many!!

Trust you will enjoy your time here, and share your experiences.

Take care,


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