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Retrenched and/or want to start a small business


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Finding new employment in this depressed Oz economic climate may be a challenge.

Did you know that a small business have a better change of survival by getting a few smaller contracts or sales than a large business that needs to retain it staff while projects are terminated, postponed or delayed.

If you want to start a small business, don’t be tempted to start before you have done proper research on your business idea.

The steps to consider is a quick test of the idea, feasibility study, your potential market, business operation, financial viability, formal market research process, analysing research results, determine your real market opportunity, own personal businesses skills and much more.

I can help you with every step in order for you to create a workable business plan. I will also provide you with formal documentation and financial spreadsheets.

So why not taking the first step and contactl me today!

The best news is that my service is surprisingly affordable. A starter pack includes 10 hours consulting time and formal material should be sufficed.

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