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exDurbanites in Perth


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Hi Everyone,

I love this site! It makes my heart fill with joy just scrolling though and reading everyones stories and comments... We were members on this site for a short while last year, then I had a bit of a dive, emotionally, & hated the world... But I've survived & am "back" with a new lease on life, although I must admit I still miss "home" sooooooo much... I am the typical basket-case who is trying so hard to make Aus. home but still long for what I left behind. I am so happy to be back on the site & want to say a big thank you for this little "life line"!

We have been in Perth since we landed in April 2006, my hubby & kids all love it here! I am only NOW begining to see how wonderful life is here and am only now starting to enjoy my new found freedom.

My hubby is a Refrigeration/Air Con mechanic and I work as a lecturer's assistant in Midland. We have 5 children here with us and had to leave our older 2 back in SA...... :(:thumbdown:

We are in the midst of applying for our PR, it's taken us this long as I was still so unsure if this is really what I wanted. Please note I tend to say "I" quite a bit, and that is when I realised that I needed to do this for our 5 children........... Initially that was the whole reason for coming over, then I forgot about that reason and focused on me......... Quite selfish at the time, I know....

Anyway, we are so hoping that our PR goes through without any hiccups, we have had our fair share of those, and ultimately, we want to get our last 2 remaining children over after that! Well that is what we were told how to do things anyway.

So a big hello to all and I hope this is the begining of a wonderful e-friendship...



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Hi SHaron,

My husband and I are also from Durban, we will have been here 4 weeks next week. We will be staying in Embleton which in near Bayswater.

PM us if you would like to get in touch.


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Hi Sharon

Welcome back, you sound so positive now I just know you are going to be fine.


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Hi Sharon,

I'm so glad you're feeling more upbeat now. So often our success or failure depends on our mindset! Good on you for sticking it out and putting your family first - you're a good mom!


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