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Melbourne Valentine's Dance - 14 February

Elana Coetzer

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South Africans in Melbourne!

Event by INZALO: Valentine's Dance ("Sokkiejol") and BBQ.

What better way to celebrate Valentine's day than with a bunch of South Africans and a true South African "Sokkiejol"?

Don't miss out. The last Sokkie was fun - this one will be a blast!

We have also reserved the Gas BBQ's outside the hall.

Whether you want to social, dance or "braai", feel free to join us on Valentine's day.


Saturday 14 February 2009


BBQ facilities will be available from 19h00

Dance starts at 20h00

Music stops at 24h00.


Akoonah Park Centre / Showground

cnr Princes Highway and Cardinia Street, Berwick

Use the entrance on Princess Highway (service road).

Parking is in front of the "Arena Room".

The dance will take place in the big Akoonah Market "shed".

Follow the "Inzalo" signs.

A separate area will serve as the "Kid's room". Bring toys/entertainment and blankets.

Map: Akoonah Park


Bring with you:

South African friends and family.

Camping Chairs

Own food and drinks.

Bring your own rubbish bags: Please take all rubbish with you when you leave.

Please note:

For the fun - please dress in Red, White and Black

Entrance fee: $10 per head

Children under 16 years: free

South African DJ!

Kind regards

Neola 0447 406539 or PM Neola on forum

Dorien 0421 438718 or PM Doortjie on forum

Email: inzalo.melbourne@gmail.com

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What a brilliant idea :ilikeit:

Must say I don't do the sokkie thing but golly what a lovely good idea.

Looking 4ward to the day we can attend these sorts of things. :lol::D:lol::D:lol::D:lol::D:lol::D:D:D

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Hi Elana

Thank you for adding this event.

Hope to see you all at the Sokkie.

Details in first post!

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We arrived here on the 14th of Feb last year... so Valentines day has got a new meaning for me.

We celebrate our immigration as well now!

Be good to each other... give a little more forgive a little more and love lots!!

See you at the valentines sokkiejol



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More people interested in attendding the Sokkiejol on Valentine's day?

Don't miss out. Details in first post.

See you there, Elana!

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Had planned to go, but hubby has to go away on business. It sucks :blink:

Yes, Polly that sucks!

Maybe next time?

Details for Valentine's dance in first post.

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Seems to me there is quite a lot of clothing and shoes coming in for the people who lost their houses in the fires but they need food. Bring what you can to the dance and we will hand it over to the red cross and make sure the right people get it.

See you at the dance!!


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Not sure where the forum members were, but you surely missed out. :blink:

The Valentine’s dance was a huge success. :ilikeit:

The venue worked well, the music was great and the people their old fun-loving South-African-selves.

The kids had a great time too!

Thanks to everyone who attended and assisted to make this party fun! :thumbdown:

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