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finally saying hi


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Hi to you all

I've been reading this forum for a few months now and you've all helped us a lot already with your thoughts and advice. Thanks a stack!!

So it's time I logged in and said hi. Think I've been in denial about leaving... so put off the login..

I'm Juanita, and Malcolm and I arrive in Canberra on 5 March. And I guess that's when the real adventure begins. It'll be great to hear from others in Canberra, or on your way there.

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Hi and welcome. So you swallowed the blue pill. Oh dear you in for a real ride to what can be! :)

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Welcome to the forum! We are not going to Canberra, but it was one of the first places we considered moving to (actually, we are still undecided as to where we will go). Good luck with your move, and hope you find lots of support. :)

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Hi Juanita and Malcolm

You will be arriving in Aus on my sisters birthday, she is the luckiest person I know that roams this planet.

That only means good things for you.

Welcome officially! :)

See you around!


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Hi Juma and Malcolm,

Welcome to the forum! Heaps of wonderful info here, and lots of lovely people too...


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Welcome to the forum - glad you decided to join in !

I arrived in Canberra on 25th Nov - just over 2 months now - it a lovely small city - theres everything your heart desires - if it is too slow for you Sydney is only about 2,5hrs away for the weekend and the coast at Batemans about a 2hr drive. The best of all worlds. We love the peace and queit of the ACT and at this stage very happy here.

The feelings you are experiencing are quite normal - so dont be too hard on yourself.

If there is anything I can help with - just send me a pm.

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