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Sitting on a park bench

Guest Lara

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Sitting on a park bench

All alone

The sun is shining

I hear dogs barking

The odd car accelerating around a corner

Birds chirping

Why do a feel so lonely?

I feel sad with a sinking feeling in my stomach

The warmth of the sun helps

The cheerful chatter of my kids warms me too

Why can't I just be normal and happy?

Why do I have so much self doubt?

when will my motivation return?

When will I smile all the time?

When will I be more patient with my kids?

I will start trying from today

I will go play with my kids and have some fun with them

The sun is shining

The park is alive with life and joy.

I wrote this my notepad while sitting on a park bench at a playground about a month after moving to Australia.

I was clearing out the office and came accross it and thought let me share it with others. I am happy and settled now and want others to know that are fresh off the plane and feeling a bit lonely that it does get better and you do start to settle and make friends. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time.

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Hi Lara

Thanks for sharing that poem. :blink: It is one thing that all of us on this side will have to go through - the loneliness. Everything is so familiar and you understand everyone and their background here in SA. There you have to learn so many new things, and try and fit in.

Sounds like your get up and go is back - so go get 'em.


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Now I feel sad.

I dread the lonely times that will no doubt lie ahead, and pray I will find the strength to pull through it when it comes....

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