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10 Months Old in Oz


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Hi Everyone

I wish that we found this site before now, anyway, better than never. I have been reading every little tit bit I could find. It has helped the stresses a little but boy oh boy, how I want to go back but dont. We came over on a 457 and it has been difficult. We werent able to sell our house in SA and sending money home every month really hurts on this side. It all depends on what rent you pay, where u stay, what entertainment you can have and when you think how you lived back home and your space and upmarket homes. I sound terrible.

We dont have friends here, just acquaintances and I am hoping that we can find some friends soon. We went to the cricket on friday and we were in a horrible spot, we were just about to leave after paying $200 for our tickets when we saw Saffers sitting with some empty seats around them. We asked if there was anyone sitting in the seats and we were able to sit with them. We enjoyed the game after that. (how silly is that)

Its a hard life, I am sure it will get easier.... I know Im just moaning :lol: , however, its wonderful to hear Saffers and the jokes to cheer me up. :lol:

Thank you to you all

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Hang in there!

Thanks, Im trying my best. Ive been on a downward swirl for a while, some days are better, but, we have to move now too and just looking for a place again is just stressfull enough. I will get there... :lol:

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Hey, it is tough

But you are doing the right thing by trying to meet new people and get a support group going.

Hope Jannies offer helps, it sounds fun.

This first year is a toughy, but now you have found the forum and there are some brilliant people on it, I have made some really good email friends and hope to someday meet them in the flesh.

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Hi there,

We are still in SA and looking at Melbourne but i am sure that one of the Sydney hosts spoke about a great social group that they have set up there? Perhaps you ould contact them and find out?


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