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I've done some research tonight, and the Spence/Evatt areas seem nice!? The primary school as well (my daugter has to start school in 2010 - still not sure if they must start in Canberra aged 5 turning 6 as well? Most of the schools I've looked at starts at Kindergarten, so maybe it doesn't make a difference??) - anyone from those areas or who knows someone from there?..... I also picked up (in the areas I looked at) that a 4 bedroom house will cost between 420 000 - 500 000 dollars. Is this expensive or average? How many $ will the monthly payment be on a bond of say max 500 000.00?

Thanks!! :ilikeit:

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The best site to see homes is allhomes.com.au

Here you can see the minimum deposit required, the minimum monthly payment etc. Evatt/Spence is up North of ACT.

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