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Hello everyone :)

woodstock la

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Hi there everyone,

I have been reading this forum a little while and have found it so helpful. I just wanted to say hello and thanks for having us here. I think this is such a fabulous forum!

My husband and I are applying for the 175 visa. My husband, Craig is 29 and the main applicant. He works as a web and software developer. I’m 26 and I work in advertising.

We’re both South African but have been in the UK for 9 months and as much as we’ve enjoyed our stay, we’ve also heard so many great things about Oz and are very excited about giving it a go, if the Ozzies will have us!

We are racing against time to lodge our application as Craig turns 30 in July and we are counting on his ‘age points.’ He has completed his IELTS test and we are awaiting the result – only 14 day wait in the UK. The IELTS team moved swiftly here and had no problem squeezing Craig in the last minute. I’ve heard it can be a serious headache back home which we’re chuffed to have avoided.

Craig is doing his skills assessment via the ACS and we post that off tomorrow – hopefully we have all the documentation.

We are lodging the application without an agent because we hope ours is a fairly straightforward case and there is so much info on the official Oz site and on this forum. We’re also planning on doing the online application – fingers crossed that will be ok.

We return to SA in May as we cant work here on our UK visas past May. Hopefully the ‘waiting process’ wont be more than a year?

I imagine we’ll have loads of questions to ask going forward and I just wanted to thank everyone in advance for your friendly and incredibly valuable advice.

This forum really has been a wonderful find.

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Hi and welcome to the forum

good luck with everything - but it sounds like you guys know what you're doing, so you'll be fine!

I see loads of jobs advertised for web designers/developers in Aus... so Craig will be okay there!


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Welcome Craig and Craig's other half!

Welcome, and goodluck with the nerves, know how tough the age deadline is, we have the same challenge. :)

Hope you enjoy your stay on this wonderful forum!


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