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Can someone from Canberra please let me know how much +- we'll be speding on:

Renting a house (3/4 bedr) - I know there are different areas etc, but just a +-

Groceries - we are 2 adults, 1 of 4 and 1 of 1 (so will need nappies and soy formula!) We are not extravigant here, so won't be there!

Petrol / public transport - for husband to get into work and home and for me to drive around. Will only have one car. Public transport good? Won't live too close to city centre - won't afford (Im sure).

School fees - not sure, do you pay school fees on 176?

Cellphones - two with ability to phone to SA

Internet/landline - with enough "space" to skype to SA often

Entertainment - just the odd breakfast, pizza, DVD rental etc etc. Nothing major.

What else?

Water, electriciy and gas?

Private medical aid - just to top up Medicare....

Life insurance?

PLEASE, if I'm missing something, please feel free to add. Do we need to convert our SA driver's licenses?

I think that's it. And then ALL your apinions would be great - how much $ would we need to live comfortably - not lavishly. Just to get by - for a start.

THEN - how is the job market there? My husband is in IT. I know there are a lot of government jobs around, but you have to be an australian citizen to work with them? Does a 176 count?

Sorry if I sound anal, but I need to start from scratch with my research! If someone can maybe let me have a subburb or area's name where you can rent / live on a smallholding type plot or would that be too far from the City?

Thanks for all your help!!

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What made you choose Canberra? We have also applied for a 176, did it take long to get your visa?

We are only lodging our 175 this week. ACT is the only state where my husband can get sponsorship - we are just covering all opportunities as we are not sure what will happen with the 175's in the near future....

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The plots you mention - I think you are refering to what we called small holdings in SA ?

These are about a 30 min drive outta town - Bungandore or perhaps in Yass - about 45 mins. (in NSW)

We have been looking at buying a home - have had people tell us all sorts of things - ie North is cheaper than South of the lake, Queanbeyan is a little cheaper (NSW) and so forth. We have looked and looked. So far all I can see is that it doesnt matter where you live in ACT, you will pay a small fortune for a lovely house (IMHO $550 min) There are no real areas here that are posh or lower class. You find a lovely home next to a little ugly home. Just my 2c.

We are seriously considering hanging on before taking a mortgage. The economic climate is bitting !

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I am also considering converting from 175 to 176 and working in Canberra. I have asked my agent the pros and cons and all the compulsary things that is required in the two years. He promise it today and if I get it I will post it on this one. My plan was Sydney but now I am investigating ACT. I have lodged my 175 April 08 so I think there will be a risk involved for us. I have to consider it and I think that looking at the list that came out on 01 Jan 09 the 175ers is not going to get the visa granted soon, if ever. That my opinione. What is your reason for 176. the sameas mine?


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Yip, basically. ACT is the only state that can sponsor my husband. We were also looking at Sydney because there is lots of work there, but with the new timelines...... Hopefully we'll get a grant from ACT, otherwise we are just also in for the wait. I want to be there by Jan 2010 because my daughter needs to start school then....And actually I just want to get in asap before they just cut us off! I'm sure it won't happen, but I don't want to hang around to find out!

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