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Suburbs around Enfield


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Hi guys, been mostly lurking around here, never had much to say.

Our sponsored 457 has been approved within 6 days of lodging and we'll most likely be in Adelaide towards the end of February. I'll be working in Enfield and been looking at rentals around that area. Any issues I need to be aware of around this area?

I've searched around here but couldn't find much about Enfield. Hence my question.

Might as well introduce ourselves while at it:

We're Anton & Anita with two boys, One 4 Year old and a 10 Month old. From Gauteng but living in Saudi Arabia for the last 8 1/2 years

Looking forward to meeting fellow Adelaidians shortly


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Welcome. Research Mawson Lakes. About 5k's away from Enfield. But, any suburd will do. Come and have a look first. At least you will have no problem with the heat we are having now.

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I suggest that you also look at Northgate (new development - very close to Enfield) or Prospect. I would avoid living in Enfield or Blair Athol.

It all depends on what youn can afford and what your tastes in housing/suburbs are.



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In my opinion the Port Adelaide/Enfield doesn't have the best reputation.

I recently read ....this..... and I would consider the surrounding suburbs.

Hope you enjoy Adelaide!! We love it here!

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Hi Anton

There's an older thread on this board called "Where in Adelaide" which describes Adelaide suburbs in more details. Have a look here.



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