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looking for someone to take over sponsorship


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Our 457 visa application has been lodged August 2008 and medicals finalised 26th August 2008. We are now in 2009 and still no visa. we are looking for someone to take over spnsorship or an employer to offer my husband job as a plumber we are willing to go anywhere. can anyone give us feedback.

its frustrating as our agent told us that they weher about to approve visa that was in November 2008.

dont know what to do our kids need to start school etc and we are lving with in-laws and our life is on hold.

Take care and God Bless


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Hi there

Surely the employer who sponsored you for the 457 you lodged in August is still waiting for you?

There has to be a problem at DIAC- or with your agent.

Has the agent given you the transaction reference number so you can check the progress of your visa online?

I would do this first.

If you get a new sponsor you will have to submit a new 457 application.

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