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Old Hand!


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Hi All

My name is Lindy and I have been here for 9 years. I thought after finding this site i could be of help to you. Moving country's can be so hard at the best of times with all the decisions one has to make. I am also one of those who went back to SA and returned again so my heart really goes out to those who are struggling with that right now. Anyway I wish this site was around when I moved over -I wouldn't have made so many mistakes in that first year! Wonderful to see just how empathetic you all are to each other- typical SA's!

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FANTASTIC to have you here!! Welcome!

Look forward to hearing from you with regard to the do's and don'ts....... Would love to hear your story!


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Hi Lindy,

So good to have you onboard with us! I am sure that you can share many experiences with us!


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Hi !

Thanks for the warm welcome! I live in Perth - Northern Suburbs. I originally came from Cape Town -Blaauwberg, stayed in Perth for 5 years then went back at end of 2005 to live in Pinelands for a year and made our final move back at end of 2006.

I have got very good at moving, even taking my car back to CT and returning with it ( long story!) and starting all over again twice. Will write under another topic as to why I was such an idiot but I will say it was the best thing I could have done as it has finally settled us . Could have done without losing the vast sums of money but thats life!

I have 3 kids -2 girls age 24 and 21 and a 14 yr old boy. My husband is a Chiro and we have started 2 businesses from scratch so we know it is possible in any economic climate!

All the best on those moving over soon -you are all going to be fine!

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