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Hello Everyone,

Just introducing myself. 29 Years old, Married, in the IT industry and I'm currently investigating immigration to Australia (well been looking at it for awhile now). So be sure to see some questions from me in the future. THANKS


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Dear Mike,

Welcome to the forum! I am sure that you will find a lot of information here!

You did not say where in South Africa you are, but if you are in the Johannesburg/Pretoria area, please feel free to join us for the next Coffee Club. (see Time and Date of Gauteng Coffee Club in November 2006)

We are the same age as you are and also planning to settle in Australia.

Good luck with all the planning.



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Hi Mike,

Welcome to our little corner on the world-wide web :unsure:

There are quite a few members here from the IT industry, so feel free to ask more specific questions - sector, geographical preferences etc, and I'm sure you'll find people are happy to help out.

See you around!


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Hi Mike,

Welcome to this great website.

I recently joined and in the week or 2 I have been reading and posting here have got some great advise and positive thoughts from all members.

I'm also in the IT industry - got good Business Analysis, Consulting and Change Managment skills, having worked on projects and consulted in many varying sectors

My family and I are also migrating to Melbourne in Dec 2007.

So - I've also got many many questions and advise pointers I am asking the various members...the biggest one being getting a decent position.



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Hi Mike

Welcome to the forum!



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