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Quick & Easy Chicken Roasted Chicken


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1 whole organic free range chicken

½ lime

1 Tablespoon Reuben Solomons Roasted Chilli Jam (275g)

•Squeeze ½ a lime into the whole where the stuffing would go for a chicken and then take the squeezed lime with peel and place inside the chicken

•Take a tablespoon of Reuben Solomons Roasted Chilli Jam (275g) http://www.ausfood.com.au/catalog/index.ph...acturers_id=110 9 you can also buy it from Harris Farmers

•Rub the roasted Chill Jam all over the chicken. Grind sea salt to taste over the chicken.

•Place the Chicken in your Romertopf http://www.petersofkensington.com.au/Produ...p;bid=ROMERTOPF and bake in your fan forced oven on 200C. I usually do two chicken and bake them for 2 hours. If you only doing one chicken I would suggest it possibly be only one hour. When checking to see if the chicken is ready take your tongs and pull the chicken thigh when is pull away without difficulty you know the chicken is ready. Remember you need to soak you romertopf before you place it in a cold oven and only then switch the oven on. The chicken skin will go really crisp and become very tasty.

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•Place the Chicken in your Romertopf

Thanks for the recipe, I have one of these "Romertopf", didn't know that was what they were called, and have never used it!! Will have to give it a try....


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Sonnetjie - are you on a cooking / baking spree!

Pity I'm so far way, would like to come for dinner some time :whome:

Thanks for the recipe - got some new ones now.

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