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stay at home moms?


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so today, 3 weeks before my flight to Sydney, my sponsoring company asks me if i would rather come work in the Melbourne office than the sydney one. i dont mind either city, since i've never even been to Aus, so Melbourne it is it seems. renting looks a LOT more affordable, so that makes the decision a no-brainer. for sydney the options was 1) communte for 1.5 hours, have spending money left, 2 year old have space to run in. 2) commute 45mins to work, have no money left, 2 year old have some space to run in or 3) commute 45mins, have plenty money left, but 2 year old needs to learn self defence classes :)...

so my mind is 90% made up i think. melbourne rent it seems i have the option of commuting 20-60mins to work, have some money left, and kid have plenty spaces to run in. i think that seals the deal.

o.k., to my actual question then..

areas with a nice "stay-at-home mom population" ? :)... my wife will stay at home with the monster, and we would like for them to be in an area with other moms, and with plenty possible activities, and easy transport to them, since we won't have a car to start with.

thanks, and apologies for the umpteenth "where should we stay" post :D

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Well, I for one will keep an eye on this thread, since we also have our eye on Melbourne and I will be a stay-at-home-mom too. At least, that is our plans (to go to Mel). I am pleased to say my 2 are no monsters :) , just real-life human kids with their ups-and-downs, as well as unbelievable wit, charm, self-centeredness, foolishness, cuteness, loveableness - all in one package ! What a joy.

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Stay-at-home-moms (SAHM) live all over :)

In the west, Williamstown and Newport are beautiful areas with good schools, the beach, parks, and a very quick train ride into town.

In the east, the closer to the city and the beach, the more expensive it gets (Bentleigh East, McKinninon, Brighton, etc.), but there is also the best public transport available (trains, trams and busses). Also lots of parks and the beach. We are 'North East' in Balwyn North. No trains here yet, but lots of trams. We are at the end of the tram line. Doncaster, Templestowe, etc. are also beautiful, but no trains or trams there yet. You will have to catch a bus. Lots of public transport if you are prepared to catch a bus.

All the councils in the east (and north east :)) have sports complexes where you can gym, swim, etc. Everywhere is lots of parks, playgrounds and so forth. There are lots of walkways so you can walk anywhere (except the highway). Just about all the churches have playgroups and libraries have special reading activities for tots. (For examples you can look at the Boroondara council website)

My suggestion would be, when you get here, rent a car for a week and drive through all the areas you are interested in, then make a decision. You will immediately know which area you like when you drive through it.

Go check out the pics to get an idea :D

Looking forward to seeing you in Melbourne.

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