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Cricket at WACA - 13/12/08


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Hi all

Who's going to the cricket on Saturday??

I just purchased my first cricket tickets from ticketmaster and am looking forward to it!!!

Oh, and is it accepted to put on a Springbok Rugby jersey for the cricket. DOn't have a cricket one but want to go and support the Proteas!!!


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Hubby has been given tickets to go to the Cricket from his work, (bonus) nagging me that he want's to go, suppose he needs the good vibe spirits at the moment, so yip if there are quite a few of us, then let's make a plan to pm, get numbers and meet somewhere and all sit together.

Definately will be wearing the Rugby jersey's, at least the Aussie's will get the message anyway.

Let us know.



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Hi all,

Yep I'll be there in some kind of Springbok outfit with my friends and kids. Not to worry about tickets. The Aussies don't go to these warm-up games and the WACA should be empty. It would be the opposite for the test starting next Wednesday and got my ticket in my wallet!

See ya on Saturday and Wednesday!

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