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A day at the beach


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Sunday was one of those lazy days. Or so I thought, earlier during the day. We slept late, and decided to skip church for a change. I was just getting relaxed in front of the TV, watching re-runs of Dharma and Greg, when the wife decided that we needed to "do something".

This comes from the Branders-bloodline. They cannot sit still, they always need to "do something". It is utterly sinful to spend your day reading a book or watching TV, or - heavens forbid - sitting in front of the laptop all day, blogging.

But this is why I married this lovely thing - she's got a liveliness that I love. And all my children inherited that property. They like being busy, doing physical stuff. If I didn't marry Celesti, I would probably have ended up sitting in a dark room all day watching TV with my laptop on my lap and the fridge within arm's length.

So, we started getting ready to "do something". But I had to decide what the "something" was. There were a few options: go to a park, have a barbie or picnic, or go the beach and do the same.

After getting everything packed, and everyone covered in sunscreen, we headed to the beach in our trusty "Province blue" Commodore. But we first had to stop at IGA to get a chicken.

We stop at the beach, and select a nice undercover bench and table next to the slides. Anica runs like a wild animal, and climbs all over the play pen screaming. We meet another South African couple who have baby twins and also came here to have a picnic.

The wind is blowing, and we try to finish our chicken before it blows away. The magpies are watching us for crumbs. I spot some large cockatiels in the tree just above us. The birds here are massive, I am always surprised by their size.

There are signs around the park that say that this is an alcohol-free area. This is because the young hoons made life really unpleasant, and now alcohol has been banned from family-friendly areas like this one. While we were sitting in the park area, two cops came by on blue police quad bikes. (Or “squad bikesâ€, as my old CEO Dokta Vaino Shivute used to say). They check everyone, and inspect the premises to see if anyone is bending the rules.

A while later, however, this did not stop a guy with a pesky dog to sit and sip his beer on the grass. This guy was wearing a t-shirt with the large words “:censored: terrorist†on it. Not my kind of guy, especially in a family setting. Luckily he had only his one beer, and then took his dog and his fat wife (or “partnerâ€, probably?) and left. Eish, you get weird people in the world...

The wind was blowing like crazy. There is no way I would want to swim in weather like this. But this did not stop my children. After we devoured the chicken, we headed down to the beach, with the wind howling around our heads.

Celesti and Anica tried to hide behind a towel while I kept an eye over the two crazy kids in the water.

When I finally managed to get Michael out of the water, we headed back home - tired, full of sand, and feeling good.

What a lekka day. Must do it again some time.

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