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Eastern Creek Quarantine station


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My doggies are in quarantine at Keringa at the moment. I am already in Sydney. The doggies will only arrive in Sydney on 24February09. I have spoken to a personnel agent about jobs and oppurtunities today. (I am in the software development industry) According to him the holiday season is until end January which means it wil be difficult to find a job before then and then a month later I would need to walk and exercise my babies in quarantine twice per week. I still need to look for a new house to rent and then when the furniture arrive to do all the unpacking. This makes it very difficult to find a proper job at this stage. My husband is working during the day while I am getting borred at home - not knowing what to do with myself - unfair I know :hug: .

SO, I have decided to offer my "animal lover services" :( incase anybody are looking for somebody to visit their pets at Eastern Creek quarantine station - Let me know.

Alternatively, if you are one of the lucky ones and your pets are not in quarantine any more and you are planning to go on holiday to see the rest of Australia, I am also willing to walk or feed them while you are not there - preferably the Southern Sydney suburbs.

Let me know where I can help and we can discuss a price.

Hope I can help somebody!

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