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Looking for advice with fining rental


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Hi All in Perth

I was hoping to get some advice with regards to getting lucky finding a nice rental with limited time.

We need to find a rental in Perth in the next 2-3 weeks as our container is about to dock in fremantle.

We really like the Nedlands/Claremont/Dalkeith/karrakatta area.

We are hoping to find a 2bed 2bath type townhouse.

Our experience with estate agents in australia has not been a pleasant one so far

We have found them very unhelpful and actually rude and disrespectful.

Does anyone have any tips on getting to places before they even make the websites? Looks like places are snapped up so quickly that you need to have your application in hand before you have even seen it.

Anyone know an agent personally that could help us with this?

Any help would be much appreciated...



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Hi B

Don't know any agents, but we just signed our lease for our rental. It is almost like a job interview you must make yourself look good. We came right by using the reiwa.com.au and realestate.com.au websites. I checked every morning, afternoon and evening for new listings and phoned and emailed for viewing times. Go see a house or two even if you don't like it take an application form - the agents use the standard Reiwa or Realestate forms, and sometimes ad a page of their own.

I went home, completed the form, added the relevant docs (passport/salary confirmation etc) and made a couple of copies. Also keep the option fee with you. When you see a place you like all you need to do is fill in the address and rental amount - & bobs your uncle you hand in your application.

Good luck


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Thanks Denise

Looks like we are getting somewhere!!.

What a mission though. Today there was 7 other people in one viewing!!!



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Hey Perthafricans

Just got the rental we wanted in COMO...

Great little 3 bed townhouse.

Moving in next week. What a struggle had to fight off 6 other people to get our application in first.

We got the place though and cant wait.

Container landed in freo yesterday and should hopefully get it before Christmas... :whome:

Busy polishing off a bottle of jacobs creek champayne as I type this.... :ilikeit::ilikeit::ilikeit:



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