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Good deed


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On a tour of South Africa, the Pope took a couple of days off to visit the sea for some sightseeing. He was cruising along the beach in Hermanus in his car when there was a frantic commotion just off the shore. A helpless man wearing a gold Aussie Rugby jersey and hat was struggling frantically to free himself from the jaws of a 5-metre shark.

As the Pope watched, horrified, a rubber dingy came rushing up with two men wearing green and gold South Africa Rugby jerseys. Bakkies quickly chucked a harpoon into the shark's side. Habana reached out and pulled the mauled, bleeding and semi-conscious Aussie from the water. Then, using long clubs, Habana and Bakkies beat the shark to death and hauled it into the boat.

Immediately the Pope shouted and summoned them to the beach. 'I give you my blessing for your brave actions,' he told them. 'I heard that there was some bitter hatred between South Africa and Australia, but now I have seen with my own eyes that this is not true.'

As the Pope drove off, Habana asked Bakkies 'Who the bloody hell was that bro?'

'That was the Pope bru'. Bakkies replied. 'He's in direct contact with God and has access to all of God's wisdom.'

'Well,' Habana said 'he may have access to God's wisdom but the ou don't know nothing about Shark fishing... is the bait holding up okay or do we need to get another Aussie?'

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Thanks for that, had a good laugh,so early in the morning.


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