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serileen: Hello from Mackay


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Hello All

Greetings from a very humid Mackay Queensland . We arrived here in June 2005 on a 457 visa and are still going through the teething problems ourselfs.

For the last month or so the other forum has really been a place to get advise and offload and when things went sour :rolleyes: the need for something new was needed .So hopefully I will be able to give some advise here or just lend an ear to listen when things get to much for all the homesick.

Sorry Tokolosie you are not the only addict I think I need some therapy too. :D

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We are moving to Cairns soon, hope we can adjust to the weather. Do you guys also get rain now? In Cairns it is the rainy season, but incredibly hot and humid. I can' wait to move over. Hubby had a job offer in Mackay, but thought the town might be too small and I might struggle to find a job there.

How is Mackay really? Are you guys coping?

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Hi Serileen! Glad to see you on the forum! How are you guys doing in McKay? Are there lots of ex-South Africans there? Did you settle in OK, made new friends etc? The first few months are the worst (if one can use that word at all) - after that it'll only get better.

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