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Two Certified Oracle IT Professionals looking for employment


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Good day,

My husband and I are looking at relocating to Australia asap. We do qualify to relocate (points), but would feel much more at ease should we find suitable work prior to departure.

We are both Certified Oracle Professionals. My husband has got a 3 year National Diploma in Information Technology (Systems Development, Development Software, Applied Statistics, Operating Systems and Accounting). He is currently busy with Java (will be completed in November 2006), where I will do my Java in January 2007 (ending March 2007).

I have 10 years IT working experience, and my husband almost 6 years.

I did some work using SQL Server 2000 (Visual Studio 2003/2005), developing statistical graphs for our client for almost a year.

Any help in finding jobs/sponsorship will be much appreciated! We will gladly send CV's to anyone interested.

Kind regards,

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*cough* Foyer eerste..wie's julle? *cough* :ilikeit:


BTW ek dink nie julle moet stress oor werk nie...kom net hier...

Doen die PR visa ding op jou man se naam, en al julle deure is oop die kant...en daar is dan no strings attached as julle eers die kant is en julle wil erens anders heen skuif dan kan julle...

Daar is baie werk in Oz vir mense met julle skills...


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hahaha, HI BeeTee :ilikeit:

Ja ok, ek't dit verkeerd om gedoen - maar is op die Foyer voorgestel hoor!

Bynx het blykbaar kantore in Sydney? Weet jy iets van hulle af?

Sal dit nie gouer gaan as ons werk en sponsership kry om oor te gaan as wanneer ons onsself moet oorkom nie? Maar jy's reg - ons moet maar net spaar en oorkom. Ons wag nou net vir die jaar om verby te gaan dan gaan ons die papierwerk doen... Dis darem al middel Oktober. Kan nie glo die tyd vlieg so nie!

Laat ek werk - dankie hoor!

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Hi Vissie

The following website has all the info on what you need to have in order to have your skills recognised:

Australian Computer Society

I have attached the guidelines so you can see how many years experience will be needed for your husband to apply for a skilled independant visa. I think it will only be four in his case, since he has a 3 year diploma.

If you would like to be sponsored - you wont need a skills assesment, if the sponsorhip does not include the company sponsoring you for permanent residency (business visa - long stay). Although if you are sponsored this way you can apply for permanent residency after 2 years, and you still wont need the skills assessment done.

If the sponsorship includes permanent residency, you will need to have the skills assessment done.

Here is a link to the government website with info on the different visas:


And here is a good site for jobs:

Oracle Jobs

The sponsored ones are normally at the top, but some are sponsored but it is just mentioned in the advert.

Good Luck!


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Oracle publishes all of their jobs online at https://irecruitment.oracle.com. It is worth registering and checking regularly for new postings.

There is also a large partner community; a list of partners can be found at http://solutions.oracle.com by searching under 'Australia'.

And you should also definitely work through employment agencies as well as online job sites (eg http://seek.com.au/)

Good Luck!

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