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Christmas lights and parade


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Found these sites while looking for the parade details they advertised on the web. I am gonna have fun this Christmas :ilikeit:

Melbourne's best Christmas lights


Meyer Christmas Parade


Indoor light display (might be easier to do with small kids)


Walk Through Bethlehem


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hmmm looks like we will have to diarise some dates and meet up at these events......

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I saw that Meyers has got the grand unveiling this Friday of their store windows. I was thinking of taking the kids, but they all have the flu, so don't know how smart that would be:( Guess I will take them at some other stage to see all the Christmas stuff in the stores (Meyer and David Jones). Definitely going for Santa pictures. We try to go every year, but missed last year. Hope it is a cool santa ;)

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Will also be going for the Santa photos hehe the kids just love that.

I'm keen to go to the parade!

But hubby is going away on business next week so not sure when he is back yet. hmmm


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Must definitely make a plan so we can go to something together. Some really awesome stuff it seems. I am getting jittery from excitement :censored:

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hehe just let me know then we do a group thing - catch you on FB as well :-)

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I thought it was best to rehash this thread as it is of most significance around this time of year. Here are some weblinks, they may be duplicates and some new links, on one of the webpages is link/s for displat locations for the various state/territories.



Walk Through Bethlehem [Thornbury]





I have been taking my kids out to see the displays for the past 2 nights - SIMPLY STUNNING !

Drive Safely !

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