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For those of you coming to Melbourne, wondering about a church, I can definitely recommend the following, CityLife Church. Here is a link to their website, you may find it interesting reading:


Those of you with teenagers, there is a huge movement for them, I have three teenage grand-daughters and they absolutely love their services and lives within the church.

There are four campuses for CityLife:


KNOX The main campus

1248 High Street Rd

Wantirna South

(Enter off Cathies Lane)

Melway Ref Map 72 D1

Office Phone 9871-8300


MANNINGHAM (where I worship)

The Ajani Centre

284 Thompsons Rd

Lower Templestowe

Melway Ref Map 32 K7

Office Phone 9871 8300



Beaconhills College, Village Campus

92 Kangan Drive


Melway Ref Map 111 F12

Office Phone 9215 4800



St Paul's College

423 Blackshaws Rd

Altona North

Melway Ref Map 54 K1

Office Phone 9393 2333

They are a very welcoming church, and if you do attend, make sure that you have a tea/coffee in the visitor's lounge afterwards, you will be welcomed and made to feel at home!


I was also asked by the MG Family to post a link to the Afrikaans Church in Wonga Park, that is East of Melbourne.

May I suggest another item - Afrikaans church services?

Wonga Park Christian Reformed Church (www.wpcrc.crca.org.au/index.htm) and Dandenong Christian Reformed Church both have an Afrikaans service once a month.

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Thank you Mara :unsure:

A while ago, I was searching for something like this on behalf of my 16-year old cousin who lives in Melbourne and I remember you let me know about City Life.

Needless to say, my cousin is now a regular and she loves it. I don't know which campus she goes to, but will have a look with her when I get to Melbourne myself.

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Hi Kangaroo

That is great. I think it is a fantastic way to meet people. I have been to both Knox and Manningham and have found everyone to be very friendly and extremely welcoming.

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Hi Mara,

We go to City Life Casey, it's in Berwick. Love it!!!


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Hi Elana

I am so glad that you like it there, I think they are a good crowd!

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