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BULLS EN SHARKS - Waar om to Kyk in Bris


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Heya Mates,

Ons is nou 4 dae in Brisbane en is MAL daaroor. Ons wil vreeslik graag Saterdag die BULLS/SHARKS game kyk, maar weet nie waar nie? Enige iemand wat weet of daar '' pub oop is 02h00 wat dit sal wys? Ons bly in Bulimba? Hierdie game mag ons nie mis nie ....... :ilikeit:

PM ons maar met besonderhede en dan kan ons ons kontak details vir jul gee!

Vriendelike BULLS groete

Lynette en Roald

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Dit het sy voordele om nog in SA te wees!

Ons gaan die wedstryd in 'shark-tank' kyk.

Hoop die Bulls kan dit deurhaak.


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Hi Feetjie, if we had Foxtel I'd say come around to ours (we're only in Morningside) and we can wake the neighbours up together - unfortunately we don't so we're going to down to friends on the gold coast. I can just imagine how many saffers in Oz are going to get middle of the night sms's ;-)

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Hey Lynette,

Kon julle toe iewers die rugby kyk? Ek is nog net 3 weke hier en het gewonder of pubs so laat sal oopbly vir rugby...

Ons sal ma moet wag vir super14 en tri-nations volgende jaar, kan nie wag nie! haha

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The Mustang Bar in Fortitude Valley usually has the Super14 games on. so does The Pig and Whistle in Eagle Street in the CBD.

otherwise. get foxtel and watch at home.

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