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Remember Remember don't shave in Movember


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So who's up for a bit of fun...or let me ask who's got the GUTS to survive Movember?

Don't know what i'm talking about? Movember used to be known as November, and it's a month where guys show what they're made of by growing a MO to help raise awareness for prostate cancer and men's health in general. It's pretty big, and we can register a team online on their site.

How it works is that the mo's get sponsored to be shaved off at the end of the month! Check out the official site at au.movember.com for more details!

We need a smiley with a mo for this!


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Spitfire, this is a wonderful example of self-empowerment! Fantastic! I think the concept is brilliant and the theme looks like a lot of fun! A great way to create awareness of very real health issues that men face!

I will check whether my 23 year-old son in Melbourne is aware of this, and if not, I'll try to convince him to 'grow a MO!'

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!



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Sounds great! Let him get in contact with me if he's interested - just add me on facebook Neville Howard!



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