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Nice website with lots of links to recruitment agencies


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Hi there

I have discovered this website on the internet and think it might help someone.

http://www.myfuture.edu.au/ You will see the different options to choose from: choose "the facts" then "work and employment" and then "work opportunities" and then "general vacancy".

This will open up a whole page with different "links" to recruitment agencies and websites, among them the following:


Good luck on finding that perfect job!!!


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thanks for the info. will look them up straight away.

its always good to hear about new websites or agencies.


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Thanks Bienkie, I have pinned your topic, so that it does not get lost amongst the myriad of posts!

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Thanks Bienkie,

I have just started looking for a job, this is so helpful!


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Thanks for the links, I've been looking for a job for two months now. It's been so difficult checking all the job sites every day, adapting my resume and cover letter to each application,etc. I've had 4 interviews and many your application was unsuccessful letters. I have been so downhearted - this list gives me a new way of getting my .CV into the market. Having worked for 25 years I'm becoming frustrated sitting at home alone all day it's been a battle to stay focused and positive.

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