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Chev V8 Boat engine & jet drives for sale


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Hi Guys

Before we advertise it for sale on the net, I thought I would offer it here first. We brought our boat engine and Hamilton Jet Drives with us when we migrated, thinking we would just get another hull and hey presto, water here we come. Somehow we just did not get around to it, and now the kids are out of house and there is no chance that we will do so now. So we have decided to let them go. Here is a more or less description, if you are really interested, and have more questions, PM me and I will get hubby to answer them. They are all crated, so they could be shipped anywhere in Australia.

Engine is a Chev-V8 around 6,6 litre engine adapted for marine use - was completely rebuilt, not fuel injected, still uses a carb.

The jets that we have are 2 x 2-stage Hamilton Jet Drives, can also be used to build 1 x 3-stage Jet Drive.

Make an offer if you are interested, the price is negotiable. :ilikeit:

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