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Homeopaths in Melbourne (N Suburbs)


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Hi all,

Can anyone recommend any practising homeopaths in the Templestoww / Doncaster area? Our child of 10 months has a bad chest cold and we are resisting going to the medical doctor at this stage.

Many thanks


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Hope you find someone. If you have a humidifier, you can use that with some saline (sterile water mixed with a tiny bit of salt) to clear the nasal passages. Have you tried using vicks kind of things, like you rub on her chest? If she is coughing, you can go to the chemist and ask for something to treat her specific cough.

If you need a breather or any help or just a shoulder, we are relatively close in Balwyn North. Just send me a pm if I can help (even if only to carry chicken soup).

PS I have a humidifier if you need to borrow one.

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