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Thin Crispy Pizza Bases

Lisa Mac

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Hi there everyone

I have been in Brisbane for just over 3 months now and have been searching high and low for plain thin pizza bases with no topping. In South Africa I used to buy the packs of 3 that Woolies sold. I used to add my own toppings and they would bake nice and crispy underneath.

I have tried the pizza bases from Woolworths, Coles and Aldi (including the "Bazaar" brand which looked thinner than most) but have found them too soft, "bready" and thick for our taste. I actually find them really filling, more like pita breads.

Can anyone tell me if they have found thin, crispy pizza bases. Then again, maybe thin pizza bases are just not popular over here?

With thanks


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Dear LisMac

Why not make your own?

I also dont like thick pizza bases, so I just make my own , and I put a terracotta tile into my oven and heat that up , then bake my pizza on my tile.

I then get a "quasi wood fired pizza,". thin and nice and crispy.

If you need a recipe shout.....( you can also prove it in a micro wave if you are in a hurry)



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Hi Enrica

Thanks for a great idea! I love the tip about the terracotta tile. Please post your recipe, I will definitely give it a go.



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3 cups plain Flour

1 x 8 grm sachet of Yeast

1tsp Sugar

1/2 tsp Salt

2 TBPS Olive Oil

1 cup warm water


Mix the Dry Igredients in a Bowl make a well in thecentre

Add the oil and water and mix to form a dough

Kneed the dough until some

Place in an oil bowl cover with cling wrap and allow to rise in a warm stop for about 1 and half to 2 hours .

Knock the dough down and roll out for your pizza's

To Prove dough in a micro wave

Nuke the dough ( in a bowl) for 5 second on high and leave for 15 mins to rise

repeat 3 time, then knock down and roll out for your pizzas.

Spread your base with your favorite toppings and bake on your pre-heated tile in a hot oven for about 8-12 mins depending on your toppings.

Give it a go, very easy ;)



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Thanks for the recipe Enrica. My boys LOVE pizza and I also buy those thin bases and they make their own. Bit more effort involved, but at least we'll get what they like when we get to Aus!


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mmm will also try this!

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