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Just a few short ones


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Law & Order...

On a visit to Malawi , at the airport Mr Mbeki is met by the country's Minister of Harbours. All of a sudden Mr Mbeki realizes that this is absurd, this country has no harbours as it is landlocked. He is very puzzled and decides to find out what the story is. At the official state banquet later that night, he leans over to the president and asks: 'Mr President why do you have a Minister of Harbours when you don't have any harbours?' The president looks Mr Mbeki straight in the eye and says: 'Well, you know that may be true Mr Mbeki, but I was just as puzzled at why you have a Minister of Law and Order?'

Good night around the world

HOLLAND : Goeden nagt

AUSTRALIA : Night Mate

USA : Goodnite


Are the doors locked, are the windows closed?

Did you pull in the car and activate the alarm?

Are the Rottweilers on their post?

Sleep tight, don't worry, Eskom will switch off the lights!






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