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The misconceived thoughts of a spotted mind…


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The misconceived thoughts of a spotted mind…

I’m tired of it. Every now and then I happen to meander onto the News24 website, or the Beeld website to look at what’s happening back in South Africa.

The honest to God truth is, I don’t miss anything about the country. I miss the people, friends, family, loved ones…occasionally, though my mind shift has come and long gone. I’m looking forward to the future of myself, my wife and my yet-to-be-born 15 boys so I can start a little rugby team. I have no regrets about moving here, and in fact find myself thanking God for the freedom and opportunities presented to me in Australia, which locals might claim as birthright. The freedom to walk down the street, be it 2pm or 2am. The freedom to not worry about security, alarms, electric fences, or even small things like is your radio face ‘on or off’ while your car is parked out in the street. I’m happy, and happier than I’ve ever been.

I’ve made new friends, and new relationships with both ex-pats and locals, and look forward to, 20 years from no thinking back talking about the days I’m living at the moment. It makes me happy to see my wife enjoying her work, and being rewarded and promoted due to her competencies and efficiency in the work place. It brings me joy to walk down Beaconsfield parade with the smell of the ocean, and the view of the pretty local girls. I am male after all! Hehe.

More than anything in the world I would like to share these experiences, emotions and highlights with people ‘back home’, to show them what they could potentially have if they do decide to make the big move. Yet, this type of attitude will always be received with instinctive resistance.

All the debates on the South African websites regarding Ex-pats always move in one direction. 1. We are traitors and can’t take the ‘pressure’ thus left, and from the other side of the political fence, we’re the ‘racists’ who didn’t want to share our toys with the other kids. I fall in neither category, though I find the need to try and justify the move on every occasion. Why? Why should I (we) care about naïve short sighted people finding the need to break us down leaving the haven which is South Africa.

I’ve gotten to the point where I rather not visit South African sites, and have realised there is actually really little for me left more than good memories. The advantage of being here, and having a second chance is the fact that this time around I’m with LIKE MINDED South Africans who look forward, and are positive about themselves and their new country.

I guess what I’m trying to say is we shouldn’t fail to see the value we have in each other as we share the history, and we’re literally in the same boat moving forward. Regardless of whether you’re black, white, chinese, Indian, it’s an even playing field, what matters is what we make of it tomorrow and the day there after.

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Thank you SpitFire,

That was a terrific post, positive and uplifting. :ilikeit: We all have so much to look forward to when we arrive in Australia.

Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks SpitFire :whome: - just what I needed today!

So good to hear of someone who's not merely taking all that Oz offers for granted and that you look at life there consciously with gratitude, humour and acceptance.

Am truly looking forward to Oz (c'mon DIAC!))

How long have you guys been in Melbourne?

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Been here for 19 months now, though I worked here before during the Y2K rush, that's when I realised how great it is here! ;)

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