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Hi all!

I am new to the forum. But... I doubt if any one on this forum did not have or do not have the same mission as I do. Thats to migrate to Oz. I am slightly confused on when to start with all the paperwork etc. and I would like to know what it will cost to get everything in place to go to Oz? I am 22years of age and almost finished with my 3year learnership program as a diesel mechanic. I work on a coal mine previously owned by BHP BILLITON. I will go for my trade test early next year. I will be glad if someone can help me in this situation?

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There is a brilliant post: The 100 step process to immigrating to Australia from South Africa, A checklist you might find helpful, which will give you most of the information you need. Start to get all your paperwork, unabridged certificates etc to begin with. Sorry I don't know how to post it as a link that you click on, maybe someone else can help with that...

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Thanx very much I will follow them. Do u have an idee how long it will take? And any idee how much all of this costs?

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I am in Witbank and we are migrating to OZ - This whole forum has invaluable information and i am sure that everything you require will be on here.

I am just down the road from you so if you want to meet or chat, please feel free to contact us - We live on the Old Middleburg road. The process depending on which visa you go in on is approx 1 year or so. It can be shorter if you go in on a 457 visa which means obtaining a job offer in OZ. The other permanent visa's take a little longer.

The costs also vary from family to family, but you have to make provision for the IELTS costs, medicals, Passposts, unabridged birth cert. etc.

PM me and i will send you my contact number if you need help.


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