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Anyone live in Bunbury?


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We're keen to settle in Perth, and a company is wants to offer me a position in Bunbury. From what I can gather it looks like a very small place (after living in a very small place in SA many years ago - Stilbaai) and I'm concerned that I might end up in a great holiday destination that does not offer much in terms of career opportunities etc (I've done the "living in paradise" thing - maybe when I retire again). Any one have more info about Bunbury that they can share? Is it a dynamic community or a typical coastal resort community, what are the opportunities for the kids like, what are the prospects for growth etc.

Much appreciated.

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Hi Anton,

I don't know much about career growth in Bunbury but I do know it's WA's 2nd largest city, apart from Perth and rapidly growing. In Aussie terms Bunbury might be small but it's more than good size in SA terms.

Go for it mate!


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We are in Bunbury and loving it - happy to share our experience so far (3 months). Will PM you.

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