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Where don't you stay, what schools are good...


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Tell me a bit more about the schools and saburbss that are good to life in. Any saburbs good close to the beach? Just for interest sake.

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Did I say don't, I meant do. It was way too late for me to be on the internet.

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Hi, Marinda hier.

So julle is definitief oppad Adelaide toe. Jy moet vir Bob vra - hy is die "know-all" van Adelaide, en glo my: he really does know it all!!! En doen moeite om hom te visit, hy is die ongelooflikste cool ou met 'n baie sagte plekkie vir S-Afrikaners (hy leer selfs afrikaans praat...)

Ons het 'n groot fout gemaak om op 'n LSD te kom en CV's te drop voordat ons papierwerk (IELTS en Skills Assessments) nie klaar was nie. Twee plekke (Sydney en Perth) het vir Andre gebel met werk - hulle wou hom al 1 Oktober gehad het. Ongelukkig kan hy nie eers aansoek doen vir 'n sponsered visa voordat die twee goedjies afgehandel is nie. STUPID van ons!!! Ons verwag sy skills ass. binnekort terug, maar IELTS kan ons eers in November skryf.

Ons gaan egter beslis in Suid Australie aansoek doen vir State Sponsership. Adelaide het sommer van dag een af soos HUIS gevoel. ( O ja, en gaan bly gerus in die Honeymoonsuite van Seawall (Seawell?) apartments by Glenelg.....

Nogmaals dankie vir julle gasvryheid in Melbourne. Ek gaan die antwoorde op jou vraag dophou, dis dinge wat ek ook wil weet.


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Mmmm dis nou 'n moeilike een. Wat vir die een ou wonderlik is, sal vir iemand anders gemors wees en vice versa.

Oubossies - overall the beachside suburbs are quite good. Brighton, Hove, Henley Beach, Glenelg & Hallet Cove are all good. Less good are places like Christies Beach or Noarlunga. Semaphore is on the up and is quite arty. One thing to keep in mind is that it is not as easy to classify suburbs here as good or bad or whatever. Many suburbs are very mixed and most people couldn't care less where you live or what your house looks like etc. As a VERY general rule, the Eastern suburbs are regarded as "better", as are the Hills suburbs and villages. Then you get places like North Adelaide and Medindie or Walkerville, which are slightly to the north of the city and are million-dollar home suburbs. The general rule of thumb is the further out of the city (the so-called "outer suburbs"), the less desirable. Elizabeth and surrounds is not so good, anything with "Downs" in the name is not great.

Whether a suburb is good to live in depends on what you think good is. Do you want greenery or don't mind sandy soil, like gardening, or loathe it, want to be in an urban, pavement vafe-type suburb or a very suburban one, or a new one or like old, Victorian buildings? There is just too much to choose from. You can have anything you want, within your budget.

Schools - generally people send their kids to the local state primary and then choose whether to send their kids to private or public high school. The more expensive suburbs have the better schools as a general rule. Good State high schools are Marryattville, Brighton, Unley, Glenunga, Blackwood and Adelaide High. Charles Campbell is good for performing arts. There are a million and a half private options. Depends on what your budget is, whether you are Catholic or not, whether you prefer single sex or co-ed, how religiously fanatical you are, etc.

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Anette, thank you so much for your reply, it really helps if we want to look at houses. We are not certain yet if we will be going to Adelaide, but hubby is going for an interview end of the month. We need to find a place to stay for the weekend as I would like to join him and find out what Adelaide is like. I will keep in touch if you don't mind.

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