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ACS Assessment - RPL


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Hi To everyone.

I first of all want to introduce myself.

I am new to saaustralia and hope to learn and contribute wherever I can.

My family (wife Saartjie, Kids - Christo, Juan, Ruan) and I want to immigrate to Oz.

I have 8 years IT experience with a masters in Theology. I am currently in an IT management (4 years) role within the microsoft environment. I also have 4 years development experience.

I am going to try and obtain recognition through the ACS via the RPL route.

I have already completed all the forms necessary for the application but discovered that my company reference docs need to state fulltime employment. This means I have to do them all over again.

has anybody got a good example of such a company reference letter. IT will be appreciated.

I still need to do my IELTS but apparently ACS does not require IELTS yet.

Kind regards,


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Hi Schef,

Given that you have only eight years experience in IT, without a relevant qualification (yours is in Theology), I tend to think that they may give you a negative response. The reason being is that they usually require at least a three-year relevant qualification, plus six years experience. This, of course, is if you apply through the normal route (not RPL). If, however, you need to go the RPL route, you would need an extra three years experience in lieu of the qualification, giving a total of nine years.

A friend of mine was declined because, although she holds a BCom degree with some subjects in IT, ACS only assessed her as having 5,7 years relevant experience and they wanted 6 years.

That said, I am certainly no expert on the matter, so I would suggest using an agent to help you. I can highly recommend "customeyes" on this forum. If you do a member search for her and then PM her, she'll respond very quickly.

Best of luck -

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Hi schef

Welcome to the forum

I'm afraid what Pygmalion says is true - you will need more experience for your RPL. I would contact an agent and find out the alternative visa optons.

My suggestion would be to find yourself a sponsor and go over on a 457 sponsorship first, then get more experience in Aus, then apply for your PR visa later, when you have more work experience.

You won't need your IELTs for the skills assessment - only for your actual visa application, when you do a PR application.

Best of luck with everything,


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