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Boere Computer Dictionary


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Monitor- keeping an eye on the braai

download- get the firewood off the bakkie

hard drive- trip back home without cold beers

keyboard- where u hang the bakkie and bike keys

windows- u shut it when its cold

screen- u shut it in mosquito season

byte- what mosquitoes do

bit- what mosquitoes did

megabyte- what mosquitoes at the lake does

chips- bar snacks

micro chips- whats left in the bag of chips

modem- what u did to the lawn

dot matrix- oom Jan Matrix's wife

laptop- where the cat sleeps

software- plactic knives and forks u get from KFC

hardware- real stainless steel knives and forks

mouse- what eats the grain in the shed

cursor- the old bloke that swears alot

search engine- what u do when the bakkie wont start

Yahoo- what u say when the bakkie finally goes

upgrade- a steep hill

server- the person at the pub that brings out lunch

mainserver- the bloke at the pub that gives u beer

user- the neighbour that keeps borrowing things from u

network- when u hav to repair ur own fishing net

internet- complicated fishnet repair method

netscape- when fish manouvers out of reach of net

online- when u hang out the washing

web- what spiders make

website- the shed or under the verandah

mainframe- what holds up the shed

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Boy oh boy! This is really hilarious. I have not had such a good laugh in a long time! :blush::ilikeit:

PS. I'm going to "steal" and post it on SAUSA :ilikeit:

Edited by Janneman
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