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Sponsorship Visa

Dylan Winik

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Hello all,

My name is Dylan and I am 25 years old. I am currently a business owner of a wholesale ISP & custom built linux solution company.

I am trying to find the right routes for finding a sponsorship in Australia. (either Perth or Melbourne).

I have sent out 100's of CV's without any luck. I have years and years of experience within the Internet/IT industry.

If any would like to see a copy of my CV I will send it or any tips are welcome.



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Hi Dylan,

Just saw your post, I see it's your 1st - WELCOME!

Check out www.immi.gov.au .

You will find heaps of info there. Why don't you go the independent skilled visa route? With your skills, qualifications and age you are sure to qualify on points, and the site even has a points calculator so do check it out!

Good luck!



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