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New VISA timeline website for the forum


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Hi guys

It has been a long work in progress but we finally have our new site up and running. This has been made possible by the very talented Sheryl Deubler and I am so greatful for her to do this

Here are the details

There is now a new timeline website for visa applications for Australia. The address is http://www.saaustraliatimeline.com This website will update automatically as people fill in their details so that the information remains current at all times.

The new website now also has a page for people who are still in the process of submitting applications where they can put in their IELTS and skill assessment times. If someone has been carried over from the freewebs site they will have to email admin@saaustraliatimeline.com with their user name in order to get a log in email but then they can begin updating as soon as they receive a response. New users can just put their details in immediately.

So from what I understand if your details are already on the list, then email your updates. If you are new then just update them yourself.



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Wow D, Fantastic! Great Job - Congratulations!! :ilikeit: (So THAT's what you've been up to...! :) )

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