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Do you have to see a GP before getting to a Gynae?


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I hate this whole referral business to see a specialist.

I need to go for a check up & also battling with ovarian pain lately & thinking it may have something to do with my Mirena.

Anyone have a gynae that wills see a patient without a referral? I'm not comfortable having a pap smear done by a GP. It just doesn't feel right!

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You can see any medical specialist you like . . . . as long as you go privately and pay it all yourself.

If you want to use Medicare and get up to 85% rebate off the fee for the medical appointment, you've got to go by what the system says . . . . and that means getting a referral first by a GP to a specialist.

Normally, a referral from a GP is valid for 12 months, letting you see your specialist as often as you need to within that time.

However, you can get a letter from your GP that is worded in such a way so that the letter of referral is an ongoing one, allowing you to go from year to year without referrals each year.

When I had a melanoma cut out years ago, it was necessary for me to see a dermatologist and get a check up from head to toe, and I was told my skin isn't suited to the Australian sun, as I have fair skin and blue eyes, I need to go back on a yearly basis.

At first I had to go to my local GP for a referral, costing me about $5 or $10 for the visit. In the end, my wife told me to get a permanently worded referral letter, worded so that the dermo doesn't need to get a referral letter each time from my GP.

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If you are in Perth, not so long ago a Gynea's name was put on the topic "Any SA Doctor's in Perth".

I believe this is the case that you must be referred.

Good Luck and hope you feel better

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On a 457 you need to have private healthcare which I guess you have. You still need to first see the GP who refers you to a specialist.

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