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Opportunty for Business Visa (or 457 Visa)


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Are you looking for a business opportunity?

Someone I know is looking for equity partners that are interested in a lawnmower and garden power tool business, in WA (and all other areas). The business is to be run as an independent business with agency agreements. They already have 10 outlets in Queensland and Brisbane.

They have sole distributorship and agencies agreements for a few very well known brands in garden power tools.

They also provide the warranty maintenance services for selected (similar) products from Bunnings (this is a well-known builder supplier store) in Queensland.

They beat all competitors on price because of bulk buying and distributorship agreements.

They have been established for 12 years in Australia

The director is an expat South African that has been through the pain of setting up an Australian business.

They are looking for South Africans that are on a business visa (or even 457)

They will take up 50% equity and fund the shop equally.

They will assist with the business plan, selection of location, agent agreements, shop lay-out, stocking and setting up.

You will need about $200k of your own funds.

If you think that this may be for you and you need more information, then please PM me or go here to contact me. http://www.perth-sa-migrant-support.com.au...ts-in-perth.php


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Here is another business opportunity (Visa163, Visa132, Visa457)

Here are quite a few business purchasing opportunities available.

The following stores are in the retail industry and at different locations across Australia.

They are all going concerns with a steady client base, solid income and are ready to be franchised as part of this group’s growth strategy.

This is well suited for foreign investors that require Visa163 or Visa132. Similarly for a Visa457 providing you will be fulltime active in the business.

This may also be appealing to investors currently on Visa457 and are looking at a bridging visa.

There are two different types of retail stores available:

1. Premium brand high function fashionable clothing, footwear, luggage & accessories

Franchise locations available in Melbourne, Sydney, Regional Victoria & Tasmania.

Investment range AU$350,000 to AU$1,000,000 per store

2. Outdoor & work clothing, camping and footwear retailer established more than 20 years.

Five stores located in Perth, Western Australia

Investment range AU$300,000 to AU$500,000 per location

If you think that this may be for you and you need more information, then please PM me or go to . http://www.perth-sa-migrant-support.com.au...ts-in-perth.php


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