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My husband and I are looking at emigrating to Australia.

We both currently work in the Casino Industry - he is a Deputy Gaming Manager in charge of Slots and Tables and I am a Casino Controller.

We currently live in East London, South Africa and would prefer a small town Casino with lots in the "nature" form to offer our boys....

Please would anyone be so kind as to lead me in the right direction interms of vacancies or advise as to which casino's we could apply at?

Many thanks to any responses.

Andrea :rolleyes:

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Hi Andrea

Unfortunately casino's are not as popular in Australia......nearly all the hotels/motels here have a section for the 'pokies', ie. slot machines, which is very popular.

I found the following thread after doing a 'google' it is for a travel holiday visiting casino's but at least it lists all the casino's, so you should be able to google them.


Here is a link to casino jobs online


Here is another list, look to the right, if you click on a state, it lists what is there


Information regarding the Australian casino industry


Hope these links prove to answer your questions!

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Andrea, I know there is a casino is Perth that always seems to be looking for staff. I have a younger cousin who works there as a barman.



He says that they look after staff quite well. I have seen a lot of jobs in the local community papers but they may be advertising vacancies on their website.

They are also going to be building another one in Yanchep quite soon, which is about 50km north of Burswood

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Lassiters Casino, Alice Springs often looks for people, but it's in Alice Springs....... :ilikeit:

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Thanks so much have sent cv's to all the casinos' but so far no luck....

I think there are quirte a few here even with the pokies in every town

A quick look and I found

http://www.casinozone.com/job/index.asp?country=3 Australian Casino jobs

http://employment.byron.com.au/recruiters/...ing_casino.html at Tursa casinos

Brisbane Gold Coast----Gold Coast see Conrad Jupite below

Townsville --------------Conrad Jupiters http://www.conradjupiters.com.au/ advertise on this site http://www.tabcorp.com.au/careers.aspx

Alice Springs-------------Lasiters they are looking as well

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