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Hi all.

I've finally received all my employer reference letters back, and I'm ready to send in my ACS application to have my IT skills assessed.

While going through the ACS website again to double check, I came across the statement:

"They should also clearly state whether employment was full or part-time..."

...and realised that none of my reference letters state this clearly.

(In some it may seem obvious due to job title, but it is never clearly stated)

It has taken me such a long time to get everything together, and it has been a complicated matter for some, so I really don't want to have to start all over again if I don't have to.

Has anyone ever had their ACS rejected over this?

Does anyone know if this will be an issue?

All of my previous jobs have been for about 1 - 3 years.


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They did not reject the Application but I did receive a email asking for proper and detailed employer references.

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I would suggest you get all the required info...or at least that's what my agent stressed from the start. I'll be handing in my application on Monday if all goes to plan.

What I did was type up all my references in a template format thereby filling in all the required details as the ACS wanted it. I then contacted each companies HR dept and forwarded my word doc to them to vet, print and sign on a letterhead. I managed to get 3 companies to complete the reference letters in the same week...these letters span the last 10 years of work. I honestly thought it would take me months to collect.

It seems if you do the leg work for the HR departments they're more than willing to assist.

I hope you come right.

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