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Weather in Adelaide


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We're leaving tomorow for a 2 week holiday in Adelaide - very exciting !!! :)

Just wondering what the weather is like this time of the year. Should I pack warm clothes (especially for kids) ?

We are having temperatures in the high 20's (and even 30's) for the last 2 weeks in Pretoria so will definitely feel the cold ...!

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Weather forecast in the hgigh 20s later on this week, but dropping to high teens later on for a couple of days.

Bring wet weather gear for the occasional shower, light clothing for warm days in the week and warmer clothing for those rainy / cool days around 20 degrees later on.

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To anybody else coming over now, it is much colder than Pretoria. Winter hangs around a little bit longer here it seems. Bring your warmest pj's. The weather can change from 10 degrees to 22 degrees from morning to afternoon so dress in layers. Bring your warmest jacket. Coming from Pretoria with its nice summery days you will definately feel the cold unless you carry some polar bear genes. Adelaideans are a bit like the British when it comes to spring. When the rain stops and the first watery rays of a spring sun can be felt every now and then, through the blustery remnants of an arctic breeze, they all put on their shorts and spaghetti strap tops and hit the beach. Meanwhile I am wondering if it will be ok if I wear my beanie.

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