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Sydney Suburbs useful information


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Hi everyone

I have been looking round for some time now for information about Suburbs in Sydney and have come across a really good way to get a better idea of the area.

I use Google maps (http://maps.google.com) this has got a fantastic directions section, which I use to get an idea how far a suburb is away from Sydney, although it does not take traffic into consideration and only uses main roads, it does give you a good idea on distance. (Google earth is also great for this)

I then use the site www.cityhobo.com The site has info on distances to the city center, transport info, average rent, what type of properties you can expect to find and so forth.

I then take the look at the suburb profile at http://www.domain.com.au/public/apm/suburb...t.aspx?mode=buy this is a great site that gives you detailed info on the suburb of your choice such as Property trends over the last few years, Demographics such as, Born Overseas - Top 5, Age Statistics, Family Statistics - Top 5, Occupation - Top 5, Religion - Top 5, Transport to Work - Top 5 and so on.

Having never been to Sydney, I know that I will still want to look further when we are there and then decide, but for now, it is great getting to know layout and the names and where they are in relation to each other and maybe getting a bit of a short list together of areas to start with when arriving.

It also makes me feel better about going into the unknown, armed with at least some knowledge about Sydney.

Hope others find it as useful as I have.



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Hi Sae,

This is really useful .Thank you so much! We are moving to Sydney on the 1st of January ! So this came at a good time ..... :blink::rolleyes:

Take Care



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